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Your success is our highest vision!
  • Why do it all alone when you have support at your fingertips? 

  • CommUnify is here to help you clarify your needs and discover resources to build and market your business.

  • "Come together" is not just a fabulous song, it's the new strategy for success!

  • If the last 2 years have taught us anything it's that "going it alone" no longer works. And it's easier than ever to meet and befriend new people. 

Coming Soon

Free Business Assistance

We will hold a monthly online Zoom Call

where you will have one on one access to an expert in various fields such as:

  • Marketing

  • Website Design

  • Copy Writing

  • Business Coaching

  • Online Technical Advice & More!

During each call our featured presenter will share their wisdom with us and answer your questions. 

Free Library of Resources

Enjoy access to curated

  • articles

  • book reviews

  • websites

  • videos

  • people

  • conferences

  •  and much more!  

We invite you to tell us what you'd like to know more about what you want and we'll make it happen!

Coming Soon on Premium Plans

Concierge Support

What could a concierge do for you?

Would you love someone to talk to about your specific needs? Someone who will guide you to those exact resources that will perfectly unlock the beauty that is your work in the world? 

Sometimes it just takes a neutral being to listen carefully, ask pertinent questions, and suggest new and intriguing ideas to move you forward on your journey. 

We have these people, dedicated coaches who can help clarify what you are seeking, what you really need and point you to the resources that will make your dreams a reality. 

Global Media Exposure

Marketing Assistance


No longer can we live on an island. We have the opportunity here to add to the positive energy of this planet. I hope you'll join in the networking opportunities by sharing each other. 

We want to help you get the word out about your offerings. To that end we want 

On our "Premium Plan" you will receive

  • A featured listing on our website

  • A featured interview in our monthly newsletter

  • A video interview for your website or channel

  • Marketing opportunities on CommUnify's Social Media Channels including: 

    • Facebook​

    • Instagram

    • Linked In

    • Twitter

    • You Tube

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